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  1. Live: Call Me A Fool (from „V“)
  2. Eels: Woman Driving, Man Sleeping (from „Souljacker“)
  3. The Divine Comedy: Perfect Lovesong (from „Regeneration“)
  4. Starsailor: Good Souls (from „Love Is Here“)
  5. Maximilian Hecker: Over (from „Infinitive Love Songs“)
  6. Mercury Rev: A Drop In Time (from „All Is Dream“)
  7. Simian: One Dimension (from „Chemistry Is What We Are“)
  8. PeterLicht: Wir sind jung und machen uns Sorgen über unsere Chancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt (from „Vierzehn Lieder“)
  9. Tahiti 80: Yellow Butterfly (from „Puzzle“)
  10. Blumfeld: Nowhere bei mir (from „Graue Wolken“ CDM)
  11. New Order: Behind Closed Doors (from „Crystal“ CDM)
  12. 22 Pistepirkko: This Time (from „Rally of Love“)
  13. 1 Giant Leap feat. Neneh Cherry & Speech: Braided Hair (from „Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost“)
  14. Stereo MC’s: Sophisticated (from „Deep Down & Dirty“)

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